Mercury 13 (2018)

Mercury 13 Subtitles


2018 Year 78 Mins 6.6 Imdb

Myrtle Cagle, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton

This documentary profiles women who were tested in 1961 for spaceflight, but had their dreams dashed when only men were chosen to become astronauts.

Dude (2018)

Dude Subtitles

Comedy, Drama

2018 Year 90 Mins 5.2 Imdb

Lucy Hale, Alex Wolff, Alexandra Shipp

A group of teenage girlfriends deal with life after high school.

Sun Dogs (2018)

Sun Dogs Subtitles

Comedy, Drama

2018 Year 94 Mins 6.3 Imdb

Jennifer Morrison, Melissa Benoist, Allison Janney

A young man determined to be a military hero, ends up on a misguided adventure with his family and new friend Tally, which leads him to the most unlikely realization of how he can ... 

6 Balloons (2018)

6 Balloons Subtitles


2018 Year 74 Mins 5.8 Imdb

Abbi Jacobson, Dave Franco, Charlotte Carel

A woman (Jacobson) learns her brother (Franco) has relapsed on heroin.

You Were Never Really Here (2018)

You Were Never Really Here Subtitles

Drama, Mystery, Thriller

2018 Year 89 Mins 6.9 Imdb

Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts, Ekaterina Samsonov

A traumatized veteran, unafraid of violence, tracks down missing girls for a living. When a job spins out of control, Joe's nightmares overtake him as a conspiracy is uncovered leading to what may be his death trip or his awakening.

Amateur (2018)

Amateur Subtitles

Drama, Sport

2018 Year 96 Mins 5.9 Imdb

Michael Rainey Jr., Tekola Cornetet, Hanna Longo

A young basketball future star struggles with his personal life in pursuit of his dream.

Den of Thieves (2018)

Den of Thieves Subtitles

Action, Crime, Drama

2018 Year 140 Mins 7.0 Imdb

Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber, O'Shea Jackson Jr.

A gritty crime saga which follows the lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff's Dept. and the state's most successful bank robbery crew as the outlaws plan a seemingly impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank.

The Search for Life in Space (2016)

The Search for Life in Space Subtitles

Documentary, Short

2016 Year 32 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Lisa Kaltenegger, Malcolm McDowell

Journey from the depths of the Pacific Ocean into the far reaches of space on a quest to find something that changes everything...signs of life, somewhere else in the universe. With ... 

Birdshot (2017)

Birdshot Subtitles

Drama, Mystery, Thriller

2017 Year 116 Mins 6.7 Imdb

Mary Joy Apostol, Ku Aquino, John Arcilla

"Birdshot" is a mystery-thriller film that tells a story of a young Filipina farm girl who wanders into the boundaries of a Philippine reservation forest. Deep within the reservation she ... 

Psychokinesis (2018)

Psychokinesis Subtitles

Action, Comedy, Fantasy

2018 Year 101 Mins 5.8 Imdb

Seung-ryong Ryu, Eun-kyung Shim, Jung-min Park

After drinking water from a mountain spring, a bank security guard gains telekinetic superpowers, which he must use to save his estranged daughter from an evil construction company, as a superhero.