Ankara - Heart of Turkey (1934)

Ankara - Heart of Turkey Subtitles

Documentary, History, Music

1934 Year 56 Mins 8.0 Imdb


The made to order record film taken off in 1933-1934 by soviet stage-directors on the instructions of Turkish president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk narrating about becoming of the new Turkish ... 

Gegege no Kitarô (1968)

Gegege no Kitarô Subtitles

Animation, Fantasy, Horror

1968 Year 46 Mins 4.0 Imdb

Masako Nozawa, Chikao Ohtsuka


Kommando Leopard (1986)

Kommando Leopard Subtitles


1986 Year 103 Mins 5.0 Imdb

Lewis Collins, Klaus Kinski, Cristina Donadio

A cruel dictator rules a Latin American state. Corruption, brutality and exploitation are present every day. A few people begin to organise resistance. Under the leader "El Leopardo" a ... 

Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)

Yours, Mine & Ours Subtitles

Comedy, Family, Fantasy

2005 Year 88 Mins 5.4 Imdb

Dennis Quaid, Rene Russo, Jerry O'Connell

A widowed Coast Guard Admiral and a widow handbag designer fall in love and marry, much to the dismay of her 10 and his 8 children.

Tokyo Refugees (2014)

Tokyo Refugees Subtitles


2014 Year 130 Mins 6.5 Imdb

Shô Aoyagi, Jun Inoue, Nobuaki Kaneko

Could one become a refugee within his own country or city? A college student is down-and-out when he loses contact with his father, is unable to pay for his studies or living and is soon ... 

Maya the Bee: The Honey Games (2018)

Maya the Bee: The Honey Games Subtitles

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

2018 Year 85 Mins 5.6 Imdb

Coco Jack Gillies, Benson Jack Anthony, Richard Roxburgh

When an overenthusiastic Maya accidentally embarrasses the Empress of Buzztropolis, she is forced to unite with a team of misfit bugs and compete in the Honey Games for a chance to save her hive.

Something New (2006)

Something New Subtitles

Comedy, Drama, Romance

2006 Year 99 Mins 6.8 Imdb

Sanaa Lathan, Simon Baker, Golden Brooks

Kenya McQueen, an accountant finds love in the most unexpected place when she agrees to go on a blind date with Brian Kelly, a sexy and free-spirited landscaper.

Tanoshiki kana jinsei (1944)

Tanoshiki kana jinsei Subtitles


1944 Year 79 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Kingorô Yanagiya, Hisako Yamane, Entatsu Yokoyama


Ranma ½: One Grew Over the Kuno's Nest (1995)

Ranma ½: One Grew Over the Kuno's Nest Subtitles

Animation, Action, Comedy

1995 Year N/A Mins 7.5 Imdb

Kappei Yamaguchi, Megumi Hayashibara, Ted Cole

In Team Ranma v.s. The Legendary Phoenix, poetry sprouting high school swordsman Tatewaki 'Blue Thunder' Kuno comes into possession of the egg of the legendary phoenix, said to grant its ... 

Ernesto (2017)

Ernesto Subtitles


2017 Year N/A Mins 5.7 Imdb

Joe Odagiri, Alexis Díaz de Villegas, Kento Nagayama

The first film in forty years to be co-produced by Cuba and Japan, it recounts the story of Freddy Maymura Hurtado who was a Bolivian man of Japanese descent. He joined the freedom fighters...